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The industry standard for remote presence. 


GoBe Robot
For when you demand to be seen and heard. 

Holoportation & Reception Robotics


Holoportation is here, and it's incredible.
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Retail meets AI, an unparalleled service experience

If you can't be there, BEAM there,

Live with Proto Hologram!

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Beam in the Best Speakers from Anywhere in the World.

Are you tired of boring keynote speeches at your hybrid events? Do you need help attracting top keynote speakers to your event due to location, travel requirements and budget?

It can be frustrating to host an event and not have the speakers you need to make it the success you envision. It is not easy to attract speakers from all over the world once the costs and demands of the speakers mean that the people you want are out of reach. 

What if we could bring those people to your event in real-time, negating the expenses of time, travel and jet lag?


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Introducing The Proto Epic Hologram! 

That's where Proto Epic Hologram comes in. With this innovative technology, you can beam in the best keynote speakers from anywhere in the world.

No longer do you have to worry about travel restrictions or speaker availability. Proto Hologram makes it easy to bring the best to your event - at the click of a button.

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Beam from anywhere in the world to your event, live.

The Proto Hologram is an innovative technology that allows event planners and organisers to bring keynote speakers from anywhere in the world to their events. With this cutting-edge technology, speakers can easily Beam to the event location, saving time and money for both the speaker and the organisers. 

Proto Hologram uses holographic image transmission to create a 3D representation of the speaker projected into the patented hologram box. This allows the speaker to appear as if they are physically present at the event, even though they may be thousands of miles away with full two-way communication just like they were physically in the room. 

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Beam in Your Backup Plan! 

Never worry about late speaker cancellations or travel disruptions derailing your event.

Our beaming service has got your back! With Proto, you can "beam in" backup speakers from anywhere worldwide, ensuring that your event stays on track no matter what. Consider having our service in your back pocket for the unforeseeable.

Beam In Your Backup
Romeo-Santos-HOUSE-OF-BACHATA Medium

🇦🇺 Now Available Australia Wide 🇦🇺

Servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin - and anywhere between - Regional or Metro.

TeleIn, is proud to offer this cutting-edge technology and beaming services to events throughout Australia and New Zealand.

With our events rental partnership with Rentertainment, we can easily coordinate the beaming of keynote speakers from anywhere in the world to any place in Australia, providing attendees with an innovative and exciting experience and event organisers peace of mind with end-to-end service. 

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