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Videoconferencing has never looked so attractive.

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For when you demand to be seen and heard. 

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Retail meets AI, providing an unparalleled service experience

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Double Robotics Enterprise Fleet Management Platform

An essential tool for robot administrators.

One robot or one hundred, Enterprise Fleet Management makes managing your Double robot a breeze through an online, secure dashboard. 


Out of the box, the Double3 Telepresence robot requires no ongoing subscription or software, which makes it one of the most cost-effective telepresence robots to deploy with no ongoing costs to consider.

However, IT administrators, and organisations looking to integrate the Double into their organisations IT stack have options to subscribe to the enterprise fleet management software suite, unlocking the full potential of the Double's remote administration panel and security auditing tools.

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Remotely manage access to each robot on a per-user basis. You can easily onboard new users with Single Sign-On (SSO) integration via SAML2 (Ping, Okta, Azure Active Directory, etc.) and Google Workspace (G Suite) SSO. Revoke access when an employee is terminated or changes positions. This will reduce your IT help desk costs, eliminate shared passwords, and ensure compliance with your company’s security policies.

Easily invite external collaborators by creating time-expiring Visitor Passes through the Fleet Management web dashboard.

Now you can share your robots with people throughout your organization from a central dashboard on the web. The Calendar tool enables you and your team to reserve a robot, just like you would reserve a conference room. Everyone on your team has access to reserve the robots that they have access to. See both user-based reservations and Visitor Passes on the same calendar. All users will see a warning on their map that the robot is reserved.

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Ensure that audit and compliance requirements are met with the use of the Call Logs feature. Easily filter call logs by robot and driver and download logs in CSV format for further analysis. Admins can track call time, length, driver, robot, and more. Only meta data and call quality data are recorded, since video and audio are end-to-end encrypted.

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IT teams and network admins can improve call quality by analyzing detailed logs, identify poor access point hopping, determine which end of the call is causing the trouble, and more. Quality data is recorded every 10 seconds throughout the call and is available immediately for analysis.

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Double Robotics Fleet Management Features.

Basic Enterprise
Pricing Included with every robot
$ 0
per robot/per year
Fleet Management
$ 1,399
per robot/per year
One-to-One Calls
Screen sharing (Desktop, Tab or Window)
Multi-Viewer Calls
Allow up to 5 remote participants to see and talk at the same time
Visitor Pass Access
Give time-limited access to your robot through a unique URL that is only valid during the times you set.
Satellite Camera (Add a Second Camera Angle to Viewer Session)
Add a second camera view to your Double by utilising a mobile phone.
Unlimited Users
1 User
Enhanced Robot Management N/A
User Access Management N/A
SAML2 Single Sign-On (Ping, Okta, Azure Ad, Etc.) N/A
Google G Suite Single Sign-On N/A
Calendar: Scheduled Access N/A
Remotely Create Visitor Passes Via Web Portal N/A
Call Logs Including Call Quality Reporting N/A
Magic Email Domain N/A
Multiple Administrators N/A
Branded Subdomain N/A
Branded Driver User Interface N/A
Branded Wallpaper For The Robot’s Home Screen N/A
Fleet Rest Api And Access To Developer Mode N/A

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