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Telepresence & Reception Robotics for Sales Enablement.

Strategically use our remote presence technology to bridge gaps in people, and processes to improve sales productivity and increase revenue and manage staffing levels.


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Leverage remote presence technology to manage ongoing staff challenges and maintain your high level of customer service.

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The retail sector is under pressure like never before. Consumer expectations are rising, while margins are tight. In order to meet these challenges, businesses need to be agile and have access to the best possible talent, regardless of location. This is where remote presence technology comes in. By allowing businesses to leverage their staff from different stores, retail businesses can provide on-demand sales and training resources at another store location, improving customer service and negating the need for inter-store travel.

  1. Improve customer service and satisfaction
  2. Better manage staffing needs
  3. Reduce the need for travel between stores
  4. Provide on-demand sales and training resources

What's more, this technology also allows rostering managers to better manage peak demand periods. In a retail landscape that is becoming increasingly competitive, remote presence technology is giving businesses the edge they need to succeed.


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When it comes to retail, customer service is everything. A bad experience can leave a lasting impression, and it can be tough to recover from.

That's why smart retailers are turning to technology to help them meet the demands of their customers. By leveraging their network of store and staff assets, they're able to "teleport" staff from well-resourced stores into under-resourced stores.

This provides new levels of customer service and experiences that wouldn't be possible without using robotics. In addition, it helps to free up staff in the under-resourced stores so that they can focus on other tasks that can't be replicated by remote staff. 

In retail, store managers can't be everywhere all the time. They have to rely on their employees to carry out day-to-day tasks and report back any issues. With the help of telepresence robotics, store and area managers can have unprecedented access to support their valuable people assets and to provide on-demand training and managerial oversight at the click of a button.

This technology allows retail managers to control a robot in any store location remotely, from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The robot can act as an extra set of eyes and ears, providing real-time feedback to the manager. This information can improve retail operations, boost sales and enhance the customer experience.

In addition, telepresence robotics can provide on-demand training for employees, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with best practices. This technology is changing the retail landscape and giving store managers a new level of control and visibility.

In today's retail environment, work health and safety are of paramount importance. Retail robotics allow managers to quickly audit and review events in real-time, respond to customer complaints and document incidents immediately from where ever they are in the world at a click of a button.

This allows for a much more proactive approach to managing retail spaces, as well as reducing the paper trails traditionally associated with retail management. In addition, retail robotics can also be used to do random QA assessments, check stock levels and more remotely, meaning that retail managers can have a complete overview of their store operations without even being on site.

As such, retail robotics is an essential tool for any retail manager looking to improve the efficiency and safety of their store.

In today's competitive retail landscape, retailers are always looking for new ways to increase sales and maintain a consistent brand experience. Smart and intelligent robotics can play a key role in augmenting customer experiences and improving operational efficiency.

The Reception Mini is a versatile retail robot that can handle on-demand Point of Sale workflows, giving retail operators new tools to manage ongoing operational challenges. With its sleek design and easy-to-use interface, the Reception Mini provides an engaging and efficient customer experience that can help increase revenue and maintain customer loyalty.

In addition, the Reception Mini's smart technology helps retail operators keep track of inventory levels and sales data, providing valuable insights into retail operations. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, smart and intelligent robotics will play an increasingly important role in providing superior customer experiences and improving operational efficiency.

Retail sales environments are evolving.

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses must be able to integrate advanced technologies into their retail operations. Reception Robotics for Retail Sales Environments is a powerful tool that allows businesses to do just that.

With Reception Robotics, businesses can build custom solutions that streamline and personalize the customer journey from start to finish. By integrating Reception Robotics into their retail operations, businesses can provide their customers with a truly unique and seamless shopping experience.

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Telepresence offers a unique way to improve customer service.

In the retail sector, customer demand can vary greatly from one store to another. While some stores may be constantly busy, others may experience very little foot traffic. This can make it difficult for retail operators to staff their stores effectively.

However, telepresence robots offer a solution. By using robots to bridge the gap between low-activity and high-activity stores, retail operators can leverage staff from different locations and ensure that customer needs are always met. 

If a store is short-staffed, the operator could use a remote presence robot to provide assistance with sales or stockroom tasks on demand.

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