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Videoconferencing has never looked so attractive.

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GoBeRobot_transparentGoBe Robot

For when you demand to be seen and heard. 

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Group 281Reception Mini

Retail meets AI, providing an unparalleled service experience

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Telepresence & Reception Robotics for Sales Enablement.

Strategically use our remote presence technology to bridge gaps in people, and processes to improve sales productivity and increase revenue and manage staffing levels.

Leverage remote presence technology to manage ongoing staff challenges and maintain your high level of customer service.

The retail sector is under pressure like never before. Consumer expectations are rising, while margins are tight. In order to meet these challenges, businesses need to be agile and have access to the best possible talent, regardless of location. This is where remote presence technology comes in. By allowing businesses to leverage their staff from different stores, retail businesses can provide on-demand sales and training resources at another store location, improving customer service and negating the need for inter-store travel.

  1. Improve customer service and satisfaction
  2. Better manage staffing needs
  3. Reduce the need for travel between stores
  4. Provide on-demand sales and training resources

What's more, this technology also allows rostering managers to better manage peak demand periods. In a retail landscape that is becoming increasingly competitive, remote presence technology is giving businesses the edge they need to succeed.

Retail sales environments are evolving.

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses must be able to integrate advanced technologies into their retail operations. Reception Robotics for Retail Sales Environments is a powerful tool that allows businesses to do just that.

With Reception Robotics, businesses can build custom solutions that streamline and personalize the customer journey from start to finish. By integrating Reception Robotics into their retail operations, businesses can provide their customers with a truly unique and seamless shopping experience.

retail Medium


retail2 Medium


Telepresence offers a unique way to improve customer service.

In the retail sector, customer demand can vary greatly from one store to another. While some stores may be constantly busy, others may experience very little foot traffic. This can make it difficult for retail operators to staff their stores effectively.

However, telepresence robots offer a solution. By using robots to bridge the gap between low-activity and high-activity stores, retail operators can leverage staff from different locations and ensure that customer needs are always met. 

If a store is short-staffed, the operator could use a remote presence robot to provide assistance with sales or stockroom tasks on demand.

These robots are responsible for rocketing sales productivity 🚀

Robust, workforce proven, secure and backed by our second-to-none support packages, ensure business continuity is top priority.  

ThreeRobots Medium



Double 3

Nimble, Savvy And Sophisticated

The Double 3 is a smooth-rolling remote-controlled remote sales productivity powerhouse.

The Double 3 is packed with a mixed reality user interface with obstacle avoidance and is the perfect lightweight video conferencing tool built for hybrid working teams.

Manufactured and assembled exclusively in the United States of America.

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Mask Group 7

GoBe Robot

When You Customers Demand Physical Presence

The GoBe robot is a natural choice for high-end sales offices and retail stores, catering for the most fastidious professional outfits.

This robot excels in large spaces, and with a 180-degree field of view, a wide array of sensors, and 4k video streaming, it provides a true personal experience as if they were physically there.

Manufactured and assembled exclusively in Denmark, Europe.

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Group 281

OrionStar Mini

Retail automation at your service.

The OrionStar Mini reception robot is designed to complement retail and sales offices by offering voice command automation, greeting, wayfinding and programmable point of sale terminal options..

This robot excels in complex spaces with its 3D mapping functionality, the robot provides customers with a fun and intuitive way to augment FAQs and other programmable functions such as stock checking, navigation and remote delivery.

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CapEx or OpEx - we work to your operational requirements.

TeleIn provides high-quality retail-ready telepresence solutions that are scalable and ready to deploy.

All our packages can be customised to meet your organisational needs and departmental budget. TeleIn is the perfect partner for businesses that demand high uptime, and a strict service level agreement. Contact us today to learn more about our Robot-as-a-Service program and how we can benefit your retail organisation.

CapEx OpEx
Base Package
Telepresence Robot with Charging Dock
7-7-7 Phone Support
7am-7pm-7days a week
Branded onboarding and training video
Dedicated account and success manager
Online library of how-to and help videos
Custom branded wallpaper
Accidental damage and theft protection
for a total loss of the robot, an insurance excess applies and is payable
Device management and remote health monitoring
SLA Options
Express robot replacements
We'll send you a replacement robot before requiring you to return your one
Default Dispatch SLA
TNT/FedEx - Road Express
TNT/FedEx - Overnight Express
TNT/FedEx - Same Day Service
Incident Upgrade Option
Incident Upgrade Option

Contact us to learn more.

At TeleIn, we're here to help you solve your industries problems with unique approaches to remote presence, telepresence and reception robot product solutions.

We're been able to break down the barriers that have prevented businesses from achieving their true potential by providing a 360-degree view of what this technology can achieve, and a roadmap on how we can achieve it in partnership with you. Contact us today to learn more. 

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