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Do Telehealth better, with Remote Presence.

Bridging the Gap between Metro and Rural Health Outcomes.

As a healthcare professional, you always look for ways to improve patient care and maximise productivity. Remote Telepresence offers a unique opportunity to do that. Telepresence technology enhances patient care and reduces costs by allowing healthcare professionals to monitor and interact with patients remotely.

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Telepresence Solutions for Regional, Remote and Metro Healthcare

Remote and regional healthcare facilities are struggling to deliver high-quality medical services due to severe resource limitations, especially skilled professionals. The ability to provide consistent and comprehensive care is greatly strained in these locations, disproportionately affecting those who reside in remote and underserved communities. This results in a major healthcare access inequality, putting our regional residences at a significant disadvantage.

TeleIn has identified these growing issues and tackles this head-on by leveraging advanced telepresence technology solutions. These technologies are designed to bridge the physical divide, linking remote healthcare facilities with specialised clinicians and valuable resources, or bringing remote patients to specialised clinicians, and facilitating world-class remote healthcare.

This enabling technology benefits hospitals, aged care facilities, and even general practitioners to significantly expand their reach, offering their expertise to those who otherwise wouldn't have access to it.

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Holographic Medical

Holographic Medical Teleportation represents a significant leap forward in telehealth, facilitating real-time, immersive, 3D interaction for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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Remote Presence

Remote presence robotics in healthcare is a transformative technology that allows healthcare professionals to interact with and care for patients remotely. This technology uses advanced telecommunication tools to facilitate real-time, interactive patient care.

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Telepresence for remote patient care during COVID

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact the healthcare industry, healthcare professionals are searching for ways to keep staff and patients safe.

Telepresence technology offers a solution, enabling doctors and nurses to interact with patients while maintaining a safe distance remotely. Isolation wards, in particular, can significantly benefit from telepresence, as it allows healthcare workers to communicate with multiple patients without the risk of exposure to the virus.


The Advantages of Telepresence Robots Over Traditional Telehealth

In addition to improving patient access to the best possible care, telepresence robots offer a number of advantages over traditional telehealth methods. For example, telepresence robots allow for more in-depth patient interactions and provide a better view of the patient's condition.


Connecting Metro Health Staff with Regional Hospitals

Telepresence robots are also helping to bridge the gap between metro health staff and regional hospitals. Telepresence technology allows metro specialist health staff to better assist in regional tier 2 and 3 hospitals, improving patient care in these underserved areas.

At TeleIn, we're not just about delivering care remotely but about rehumanising the telehealth experience.

We're about connecting, empathising, and comforting. We're about bridging the gap between the sterile digital interface and the warmth of human interaction. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to innovate and redefine the future of healthcare. Let's dare to think differently about telehealth. Let's dare to bring the human touch back into healthcare.

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