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For when you demand to be seen and heard. 

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Bridge the patient care gap, from anywhere.

The healthcare industry is facing a workforce crisis. There are not enough doctors to go around, and those that are available are often overworked and burnt out.

This shortage has led to a gap in patient care, especially in rural and regional service areas. Telepresence for Healthcare is one solution to this problem. Our telemedicine platforms bridge health expertise from anywhere, to everywhere.

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Burnout is at boiling point. 

The shortage of qualified healthcare professionals is having a devastating impact on hospitals and patients all over the country. The lack of nurses, doctors, and other medical staff is causing longer wait times, higher costs, and poorer quality of care. In some cases, patients are being turned away from hospitals altogether because there are not enough staff to treat them. This shortage is being caused by a number of factors, including an aging population, retirements, and a lack of qualified candidates. As a result, hospitals are struggling to keep up with demand and provide quality care. This shortage is having a profound impact on the health of our nation and needs to be addressed urgently.

Telepresence for Healthcare

The delivery of healthcare is facing a number of challenges in the 21st century. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that patients have access to the best possible care. This can be a challenge when patients are located in remote or underserved areas.

Telepresence robots are solving this problem by bringing the best doctors to the patients who need them most. By using telepresence robots, hospitals can connect with experts from all over the country and get the help they need to provide quality care for their patients.

  • Connect with the right experts from anywhere in the state
  • Entice metro health staff to virtual assist in regional tier 2 and 3 hospitals
  • Improve patient care in remote or underserved areas

Telepresence robots provide a number of advantages over traditional telehealth, including the ability to interact more closely with patients and get a better view of the patient's condition. In addition, telepresence robots can be used to transport medical equipment and supplies to areas where they are needed most. telepresence robot technology is becoming increasingly important in providing quality healthcare to patients in remote and underserved areas.

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Telepresence for Healthcare Training and Education

Healthcare educators are beginning to see the potential of telepresence robots for nurse training. As telepresence robots become more sophisticated, they are likely to play an even more important role in healthcare education.

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million, market worth by the end of 2022


of health professionals would consider telepresence as a part of a regional healthcare strategy


(est) Saved by each month by reducing travel time and costs of specialists to regional facilities. (Qld Health)

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These telepresence robots are transforming health care delivery.

TeleIn is Australia's largest and most trusted provider of Telepresence solutions to the medical sector. With customers in every state and territory, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand you can trust our machines are healthcare ready and fit for purpose, for the most demanding environments. 

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Double 3

Nimble, Savvy And Sophisticated

The Double 3 is a smooth-rolling remote-controlled productivity powerhouse.

The Double 3 is packed with a mixed reality user interface with obstacle avoidance and is the perfect lightweight video conferencing tool built for busy aged care and smaller hospital environments.

Manufactured and assembled exclusively in the United States of America.

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Robot Heros


GoBe Robot

When You Demand Physical Presence

The GoBe robot is a natural choice for tertiary healthcare facilities and the most fastidious professionals.

This robot excels in large busy spaces, and with a wide array of sensors, and 180-degree 4k video streaming, it affords its user's clear communication from anywhere in the world.

Manufactured and assembled exclusively in Denmark, Europe.

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Outright purchase or lease, we can operate anyway your business does.

At TeleIn, we believe that every hospital, GP clinic and regional health centre should have access to the best tools, regardless of their operational or capital expenditure limitations.

TeleIn provides a wide range of telepresence robots to meet the needs of any health facility. TeleIn also offers a variety of purchase and rental options to fit your operational budget and service levels. With our robot-as-a-service model, you can get the benefits of a robot without the upfront costs. 

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