Videoconferencing has never looked so attractive.

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For when you demand to be seen and heard. 

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We make hybrid work,
work better. Guaranteed.

Telepresence Robots give you the ability to attend any meeting, from anywhere in the world. See and hear as if you were right there. Never worry about being out of the loop or missing critical information.

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You need a way to connect with your team that feels like you're actually there with them.

Large organisations and governments have had to rapidly adapt to a new way of working in recent years, with many employees now working remotely. This has brought new challenges when it comes to communication, as it can be difficult to convey messages and build relationships when you're not there in person.

However, telepresence technology is beginning to change that. Telepresence allows people to interact with each other as if they were in the same room, regardless of location. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses that need to stay connected, whether their employees are working from home or in different offices.

  1. Increase communication and collaboration between employees who are remote
  2. Reduce the need for expensive travel for important meetings
  3. Enable people to work from anywhere in the world
  4. Help organisations save money on travel costs

What's more, telepresence is also becoming increasingly popular in hybrid work environments, where employees split their time between the office and home. As telepresence technology continues to evolve, it is likely to play an increasingly important role in corporate and enterprise communication.

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Relied On By
Over 14,000+ Companies Worldwide

and rapidly growing. The Double is the industry standard for the advanced remote-controlled presence for remote and hybrid working environments.

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Following our Telepresence best practice guide you can expect:

  • 94% satisfaction rate among remote employees strongly agreed with the statement "they feel closer to their onsite teams"

  • 93% of onsite managers agreed that "they have better oversight of their remote employees"

  • 89% of onsite teams agreed they "feel like they can communicate better with their remote peers compared to traditional video conferencing

  • 97% of respondents would recommend using telepresence as a part of a hybrid working strategy

These robots are responsible for rocketing hybrid productivity 🚀

TeleIn is Australia's largest and most trusted provider of Telepresence solutions to organisations of all sizes from SME to Local and State governments even the Department of Defence! Contact us directly as we may already be a vendor in your system!

Our robots are robust, workforce proven, secure and backed by our second to none support packages ensuring business continuity as a priority.  

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Double 3

Nimble, Savvy And Sophisticated

The Double 3 is a smooth-rolling remote-controlled productivity powerhouse.

The Double 3 is packed with a mixed reality user interface with obstacle avoidance and is the perfect lightweight video conferencing tool built for hybrid working teams.

Manufactured and assembled exclusively in the United States of America.

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Robot Heros


GoBe Robot

When You Demand Physical Presence

The GoBe robot is a natural choice for high-end corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, healthcare providers, or the most fastidious professionals.

This robot excels in event spaces, and with a wide array of sensors, and 4k video streaming, it affords any internet-connected person an experience as if they were physically there.

Manufactured and assembled exclusively in Denmark, Europe.

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Outright, Rent or lease - we can do it all.
(Purchase Orders Accepted too!) 💪

TeleIn provides high-quality corporate and government-grade telepresence and hybrid work solutions that are scalable and easy to deploy.

All our packages can be customised to meet your specific needs and departmental budget. TeleIn is the perfect solution for businesses that want to improve communication and collaboration while reducing operational costs.
Contact us today to learn more about our Robot-as-a-Service program and how we can benefit your organisation.

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Outright purchase Robot-as-a-Service
Base Package
Telepresence Robot with Charging Dock
7-7-7 Phone Support
7am-7pm-7days a week
Branded onboarding and training video
Dedicated account and success manager
Online library of how-to and help videos
Accidental damage and theft protection
for a total loss of the robot, an insurance excess applies and is payable
Smashed screen no excess replacement
Device management and remote health monitoring
Express replacements via TNT overnight express services
Warranty SLA
Supported training & PD opportunities
Additional Charge
Custom branded wallpaper
With Fleet Management Subscription
Choice of trim colours (Blue, Red, Black, Pink, Green)
Unlimited pooled data package
Robot 4G LTE/5G connectivity
Transport travel case
Additional charging dock/s
Independent fleet management subscription
Optional Subscription
Optional Subscription
SLA Options
Express robot replacements
We'll send you a replacement robot before requiring you to return your one
Warranty SLA
Default Dispatch SLA
TNT/FedEx - Road Express
TNT/FedEx - Overnight Express
TNT/FedEx - Same Day Service
Incident Upgrade Option
Incident Upgrade Option


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