Videoconferencing has never looked so attractive.

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For when you demand to be seen and heard. 

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Telepresence means
better communication., happier hybrid staff., productive teams., less downtime., more innovation., less time in traffic., improved efficiency., Business continuity.

With telepresence robots, business owners and managers can have a physical presence at the office without having to commute.

Do more of the things that are important to you, while still having complete oversight of your business from anywhere in the world. 

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📣 Attention time-poor business owners and managers


You can be in two places at once, with telepresence. 


Like some form of magic 🪄 with telepresence, you can be in two places at once. Or, more accurately, your telepresence robot can help you be in two places at once. While you stay comfortable in your home, office, boat or holiday home, you can dial into your telepresence robot at the office/warehouse/showroom and interact with your team, customers or vendors like you were actually there.

Is it time you get yourself a telepresence robot - and build the life you deserve and be in the actual places you want to be, more often, right? 

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Spend more time

Spend time with the people that matter the most, family and friends. With telepresence your team knows that you can still be there with the press of a button. 

Save money

By cutting down on the amount of time you spend travelling, you can free up more time to do the things you love. And who knows, you might even save some money in the process!

Maintain Oversight

Running multiple offices and facilities can be a headache, but you can be everywhere you need to be with telepresence

Hire the best

Supercharge your talent pool. Bring the best people who will grow your business and let them feel the culture of your team, no matter where they are in the world.


Let Dan explain.

In this video, dan explains how Calgary Scientific was able to leverage a global pool of talent to ensure his medical imaging business had a competitive advantage.Give Telepresence a Try

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Are you still asking How is this different to Skype/Teams/Google video call? 🤔

Telepresence robots provide users with greater mobility and control.

unlike video conferencing, telepresence robots do not require users to be locked to their computers. Instead, users can roam around freely as they talk, and share documents and images as if they were in the same room.

Telepresence Video Calling
Connect on-demand - no need to send an invite, or for someone to "answer" the call. 

Freedom to move through a remote space by remote controlling the robot. 

Noise-cancelling clear dialogue audio, to hear and be heard from across the room

Low latency two-way natural communication with height control, so you see eye-to-eye (not up people's noses!)

Feel present in a remote location

No need for a second computer/webcam setup etc - Only the "driver" needs a camera and microphone.

Move around with confidence thanks to wide-angle cameras and obstacle avoidance

Access your facility office, warehouse etc, 24/hours a day

Simple to use, web based interface, no apps or special software to download

Telepresence robots have been shown to provide a more lifelike experience that is closer to face-to-face conversation.

This is due to the fact that telepresence robots allow users to retain eye contact and body language cues that are essential for communication.

Watch how WeWork implemented telepresence to hire from a global pool of people and facilitate better communication

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Telepresence is your business continuity plan B. 💪

If a key member of your team couldn't come into the office, what would happen? This could potentially disrupt the workflow and throw the whole team off balance. productivity could drop and it may be hard to regain momentum.

Telepresence robots bridges this gap, with workers able to communicate face-to-face, share ideas, and collaborate as if they were all in the same room. Don't less the sniffles stifle your business operations. 

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These telepresence robots are supercharging business productivity.

TeleIn is Australia's largest and most trusted provider of Telepresence solutions to small to medium businesses. With customers in every state and territory, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand you can trust our machines are business ready and fit for purpose. 

Double 3

Nimble, Savvy And Sophisticated

The Double 3 is a smooth-rolling remote-controlled productivity powerhouse.

The Double 3 is packed with a mixed reality user interface with obstacle avoidance and is the perfect lightweight video conferencing tool built for hybrid working teams.

Manufactured and assembled exclusively in the United States of America.

Explore Double

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GoBe Robot

When You Demand Physical Presence

The GoBe robot is a natural choice for high-end corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, healthcare providers, or the most fastidious professionals.

This robot excels in event spaces, and with a wide array of sensors, and 4k video streaming, it affords any internet-connected person an experience as if they were physically there.

Manufactured and assembled exclusively in Denmark, Europe.

Explore GoBe
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Following our Telepresence best practice guide you can expect:

  • 94% satisfaction rate among remote employees strongly agreed with the statement "they feel closer to their onsite teams"

  • 93% of onsite managers agreed that "they have better oversight with their remote employees"

  • 89% of onsite teams agreed they "feel like they can communicate better with their remote peers compared to traditional video conferencing

  • 97% of respondents would recommend using telepresence as a part of a hybrid working strategy

Outright purchase or lease, we can operate anyway your business does.

At TeleIn, we believe that every business should have access to the best tools, regardless of their operational or capital expenditure limitations.

TeleIn provides a wide range of telepresence robots to meet the needs of any business. Whether you need a high-end model for executive meetings or a more basic model for general office use, TeleIn has a robot to suit your needs. TeleIn also offers a variety of purchase and rental options to fit your budget. And with our robot-as-a-service model, you can get the benefits of a TeleIn robot without the upfront cost. Contact TeleIn today to learn more about our Telepresence robots and how they can help your business.

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Outright purchase Robot-as-a-Service
Base Package
Telepresence Robot with Charging Dock
7-7-7 Phone Support
7am-7pm-7days a week
Branded onboarding and training video
Dedicated account and success manager
Online library of how-to and help videos
Accidental damage and theft protection
for a total loss of the robot, an insurance excess applies and is payable
Smashed screen no excess replacement
Device management and remote health monitoring
Express replacements via TNT overnight express services
Warranty SLA
Supported training & PD opportunities
Additional Charge
Custom branded wallpaper
With Fleet Management Subscription
Choice of trim colours (Blue, Red, Black, Pink, Green)
Unlimited pooled data package
Robot 4G LTE/5G connectivity
Transport travel case
Additional charging dock/s
Independent fleet management subscription
Optional Subscription
Optional Subscription
SLA Options
Express robot replacements
We'll send you a replacement robot before requiring you to return your one
Warranty SLA
Default Dispatch SLA
TNT/FedEx - Road Express
TNT/FedEx - Overnight Express
TNT/FedEx - Same Day Service
Incident Upgrade Option
Incident Upgrade Option

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